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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I WON'T be discussing during my CASE STUDY this week...

Happy Open Access Week!

To celebrate, here are some of the topics I want WILL NOT be discussing on Wednesday, 10/20/10 in EMAC6300 since there's just so much out there that covers, supports and/or expands on the topics covered in this week's look at shifting models of ownership as covered in "Information Feudalism: Who Owns the Knowledge Economy?" by Peter Drahos and John Braithwaite and in the video, "Steal this Film II."

I WON'T be talking about Creative Commons and one of its founders, Larry Lessig. I WON'T be talking about their efforts to launch Creative Commons licenses as a 21st approach to protecting -- as well as sharing -- intellectual property.

While I WON'T be talking about "Open Culture" and the most up-to-date concepts and issues as it relates to intellectual property, I WILL be focusing on some examples of Open Education and how intellectual property is impacted by some Web 2.0 Open Educational Resources.


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  1. Luckily there will be opportunities to discuss all of these issues in the coming weeks as we continue to focus on shifting paradigms of creation/sharing/learning, etc.