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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Six Degrees of Remediation


  1. Really great video. I found the visual example you used from "Iron Man" very helpful in helping me to better understand augmented vs. virtual reality. I wonder will the tools ever disappear for us to immerse ourselves in this virtual experience or will we just give up on trying.

  2. Kevin,

    fantastic job on your post. Your message was clear and the graphics were interesting and appropriate. I found that I my brain got muddled in this week's reading and your video helped clarify the message of remediation for me. I love how you have utilized media to convey ideas these last two weeks. You're setting the bar pretty high for the rest of us :)

  3. Kevin, It's clear a lot of time and planning went into this video post. Your use of imagery and music to supplement your explanation of remediation and augmented reality is quite effective. I do, however, want you to remember to drive your critical analysis when you do these video projects. Bolter and Grusin posit that VR's great contribution will be in the way it invites users into empathetic experiences. What might you speculate about AR in light of this?