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Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Project - "Found out on Facebook" Feature

Over the summer, I made this non-fiction video about some great family news that was documented on Facebook. I challenged myself to use only authentic elements available on Facebook without manipulating the narration.

I'm trying to transition out of my comfort zone and utilize video -- rather than copy -- to tell stories. I majored in journalism as an undergrad and didn't explore broadcasting. Equipment wasn't very accessible back in those days. You had to take classes to learn how to use the tools then sign up and wait to use them. So I chose to focus on the emerging desktop publishing that was taking the industry by storm.


  1. Very sweet video, Kevin. As a blog post for this class, I would have been interested to read more of your reflection on the challenge of creating the narrative from Facebook elements, as well as on your decision to include the phone call.

    What does it say about Facebook that so much of this very important announcement took place there? What shortcomings in the facebook info led you to include the phone call, etc. How do you see the relationship between online social media and older social technologies, like the telephone? etc...

  2. This video is a great way of showing how important information can be distributed to hundreds of people instantly. This is an example of a viral video and the importance they serve. Great work on showing the power of communication through Facebook. If you knew that the people you want to communicate a message with all had Facebook, would you trust posting an important status instead of calling the people who would like to know your big news?

  3. That was a great video! It's true that so many people nowadays find out on Facebook or Twitter very important news. (I found out on Facebook that two of my cousins were engaged.) With it being so easy to broadcast our lives to so many people so quickly, I agree with Alan in that I wonder if it would be taken the wrong way by someone finding out important news from Facebook. I've told my closest friends that if I have to find out on Facebook that they are engaged instead of them calling me, I'd be upset. So there is kind of an interesting question there on differing relationships and which one merits the time and effort of a phone call as opposed to letting them see a status update.

    Anyway, I liked the video and showing the power of Facebook communication.